Since 1959, Alaska Golf Association (AGA) has been committed to the development and expansion of golf throughout Alaska, and we are proud to present robust tournament schedules each year.

In alignment with the United States Golf Association (USGA), we seek to:

  • Promote excellent playing experiences
  • Engage with local golfers, partners, and organizations
  • Expand participation and access across the state
  • Celebrate our history of the game’s champions and moments

AGA also supports the development of junior golfers by providing events, training, and education aimed at enhancing their confidence and skill. Stay tuned for updates and information!

Together, our efforts empower AGA to continue to support players and our engaged golf community across the state to make the sport of golf accessible for all.

AGA Board

Adam Baxter, President
Tom Gandee, Vice-President
Jason Kimmel, CFO
Marcia Chambers 
Richard Teders 
Jeff Ranf 
Terry Thornhill, Executive Director